Founded by students from across the country, March For Our Rights has grown to be one of the nation’s largest student-led organizations for Second Amendment rights. In the spirit of advancing this student-led movement, we are launching a nonprofit subsidy of March For Our Rights called Students For Our Rights. This organization will provide students who favor the second amendment an organization through which they can advocate for their beliefs.

Each independently run chapter will consist of high school and college-aged students at their respective high schools and colleges. Upon the launch of this program, prospective applicants will be provided resources to launch their chapters. Students For Our Rights will be launching an application portal soon. If you are interested in starting a chapter please contact information@m4or.org or wait for this portal to open.



Students For Our Rights will allow individuals to advocate for their support of Second Amendment rights. This, in turn, will advance a policy agenda and sentiment towards guns that will benefit all Americans. The goals of Students For Our Rights are as follows:

  • Cultivate a community in which students are more politically engaged, educated upon Second Amendment rights, and prepared to engage in discourse with their peers.
  • Provide the necessary education for students to register to vote, as the silent majority that supports gun rights must allow their views to be reflected in the policy of our government.
  • Assist students who are well positioned to be leaders and political activists to do so in a meaningful manner.


The March For Our Rights team is busy at work developing this program. Hang in there. Students For Our Rights is coming Fall 2018.

Students For Our Rights is the trademarked brand of March For Our Rights, Inc.