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Over the course of the last few days, hundreds of patriotic people like you have reached out to the March For Our Rights staff interested in coordinating a sister march. Sister marches are developed independently of March For Our Rights. To coordinate one, you will need leadership skills, perseverance, and resolve; as you are arranging a large rally that will require you to market, fundraise, and work with your local officials.

Our Application Portal Has Closed


Becoming a volunteer coordinator is challenging work, so there are some prerequisites that March For Our Rights advises a coordinator to possesses.

  • At least 1 of the 3 local coordinators is a legal adult.
  • Proficient in social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat.
  • Basic accounting knowledge of fundraising, organizing, etc.
  • An outgoing personality and strong conversational skills.
  • Legitimate interest in the preservation of the second amendment.

How To Organize

Organizing your march may prove to be difficult, however, March For Our Rights provides step-by-step advice on how to organize.

First, your march must be approved by March For Our Rights Inc. (if your march is not approved you cannot use the March For Our Rights brand) Once your march is approved, you should create a GoFundMe page for people to donate to the cause, and an Instagram page named @marchforourrights(city name).

Then, you’ll have to get a permit from your city. Acquiring a permit to organize en masse will vary from city to city. The first step should be contacting your mayor’s office; they will point you in the right direction. Once you have your permit you are legally set to protest!

An important part of organizing your march is making sure you are working with the right number of people. You should be working with a minimum of 2 other people, with each person handling social media, fundraising, and the overall organization of the rally.

To make your march incredibly successful,  try to reach out to students and speakers. A maximum of three student speakers is allowed. Focus on getting as many professional speakers as possible. Asking is free! Also, don’t be afraid to ask March For Our Rights questions and for resources.

The deadline to apply as a coordinator has passed. A finalized list of locations will be released soon.