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If so, we are looking for volunteers to assist in handling outreach, web and graphic design, and assistance at our marches on July 7th. If any of these roles are of interest to you please apply through our volunteer portal.

Volunteer positions have flexible hours, fun experiences, and are a fantastic help to the March For Our Rights. Each role requires different amounts of experience and dedication. To learn more about roles you are interested in please read below.

  • Outreach Specialist: It is the job of this individual to reach out to potential speakers for the July 7th March For Our Rights protest. They must be personable, organized, and dedicated to second amendment rights.
  • Web Designer: To assume this role individual must be proficient in WordPress and knowledge of HTML is preferred. Limited to two applicants.
  • Graphic Designer: Must be proficient in photoshop and other photo editing software. Limited to five applicants.
  • March Volunteer: Work live at the march on July 7th and help pass out flyers, handle set up and take down, clean after the march, etc.


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Want to coordinate a march near you? Follow the steps outlined here.